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How to get a guy to notice you – nothing is going to happen until you’re noticed in some way and we’ll show how to get him to notice you in an acceptable manner

•  How to get a man to ask you out – after noticing you some men aren’t sure how to go about making the next move and ask you out but we’ll show you how to get them to do that too

•  Let him know you’re interested – Body language and the first date – the first date is crucial to an on-going relationship. Learn what to do to help make this successful with body language knowledge

•  How to get a man to commit to you – some men are afraid of commitment. Learn how to break down the fear and gain ‘real’ commitment from your man

•  Interpreting a man’s body language – body language isn’t just important for the first date, understanding men’s body language is crucial for a long term relationship and the initial attraction

•  A question most girls ask themselves – Am I marriage material? – Over the years I’ve learned that most women ask themselves this at one time or another. Learn the elements which identify whether you are reflecting good marriage material signs or not

•  Learn 3 ways to leave your lover – every now and then we make mistakes and a bad relationship can be one unpleasant but common mistake. We’ll show you three effective ways to opt out of an unwanted relationship comfortably

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