How to Get A Guy to Notice You

“So, you have found the guy of your dreams. One small problem, (no, he’s not married), he just doesn’t seem to know you exist. How frustrating! There are so few single guys out there anyway. How do you get Mr Right to notice you? Coco Swan has compiled this article to help you single gals out here who are facing this dilemma. Read on for some helpful strategies.”

Make Sure He Really is Available
noticeThis may sound silly, but are you sure he is not in a relationship? Perhaps he is still recovering from a break up and is not available emotionally. When he feels ready you will be able to tell. Don’t force his hand in this instance. You don’t want to be the rebound shag. (Do you?) Are you sure of his sexual preferences? Perhaps he is a little ambivalent. If this is the case, move on. You don’t need the confusion.

Once you have finished your detective work and he is really available physically and emotionally move on to phase 2.

The Subtle Approach

This is a great way to start your campaign if you are a little nervous, shy or you don’t really want to embarrass yourself with a blatant knock back. This can be a particularly useful strategy if you are going after a work colleague or someone you see on a regular basis. The subtle approach involves always being around, hanging out in the same group, and displaying yourself in a good light.

Allow him to get to know you better. Make sure you smile a lot. Be a positive person around him and make it clear that you are single and available. Guys sometimes get mixed signals and he may think you fancy someone else you both know.

The subtle approach can also involve turning up at places where you know he will be. Where does he drink or play? Be careful that you are not perceived as a serial stalker though.The subtle approach should only be used for a short time. If after a few weeks to a month this doesn’t seem to have worked, you will need to change your strategy. Keep on reading.


Another subtle approach for getting a guy to notice you is to wear pheromones. These are readily available. You mix them with your regular scent, apply to various parts of your body, and watch out. Research has shown that pheromones do really work for women. Studies have consistently shown that single women who wear pheromones get asked on more dates and have more sex than the single woman who doesn’t.

The Direct Approach

The direct approach is just that. Do you work with this guy? Know him from the gym? Whatever. The direct approach involves casually mentioning that maybe you could catch up for a coffee or drink. Possibly you can stage an event and make sure he is included. Ideas include having a group go to a concert, party, movie, club, or whatever. Invite him along.

An even more direct approach is to ask him out yourself. Do you have a function coming up that you need a partner for? That is a great excuse to dress up and let him see you in another light.

Most guys should get the hint when you mention the word drink.

Use Body Language
noticeUsing your body language is a great way to capture a guy’s interest on a subconscious level. Body language signals date back to caveman times. Manipulating the body language signals that you are sending a guy can be a great way to let him know that you are sexually interested. Playing with your hair, your necklace, collar and throat are all body language signals that you are flirting. Standing up straight with your chest nicely on display is good too. (I am not suggesting a see through shirt and lacy bra for the office!)

If you try all of the above tactics and none of them have worked, then it may well be a case of him not fancying you. Get mutual friends to do some detective work for you. Most guys just need a little encouragement or a hint that you are interested.

You never know, wearing the pheromones, you could have every single guy in your office or wherever you work chasing after you! Happy hunting. Coco.

Be sure to always display yourself in a flattering way physically when around Mr Right. Sadly, men do look first. So you do need to get his attention.
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interpreting body language

Reading the Signs: Interpreting Guys’ Body Language

Most of the time, it is not difficult to figure out if a guy’s got sex on his mind

guy's body languageBut sometimes the situation is more subtle; is he flirting or just being friendly? Paying attention to his body language will help you figure it out. So watch and notice, but on no account point out his moves to him. That will only serve to make him nervous and self-conscious of his motions.

A lot of people tremble when they’re interested in someone. But this might be seen in smaller ways than plain, outward shaking. Does he constantly shift his weight, moving back and forth? This can be an indication of nervousness or tension.

How does he stand? Does he rest his hands near his pelvis, or pointing to it? This can mean he is aware of that part of his body, or wants you to be aware of it.

When an attractive woman is around, many men start to “preen” themselves. Think of this the way a bird does it; they start to arrange and clean their feathers, right? Well, men do the same thing! You can see this if he often gently rubs his nose, adjusts clothing, and touches his hair and face. While preening himself, these gestures also serve to momentarily hide his face from you, an indication of his self-consciousness.

Have you ever wondered how ties became a fashion statement? Well, think of them as giant phallic symbols, or as roadmaps…they point the way directly to his penis! Noticing how he acts with his tie can give you an idea of what is on his mind. Stroking his tie means he is getting interested. Try playing with his tie yourself and notice how he responds!

Take notice of how he sits; much can be gleaned from this stature. One sure sign of sexual interest is sitting with his legs wide open, whether it be on a barstool or on a chair or couch. This means he is giving you a clear view and direct access to his crotch!

How he stands is also important

guy's body languageThere are several ways a man can stand that will make him look large and dominant: hands on his hips, straight posture, shoulders wide. Why does he do this? All sorts of evolutionary and social cues make him feel like this will attract you. (And it often works!) If he is more slumped or withdrawn, it shows that there is a lack of interest.

Regardless of whether he is standing or sitting, notice if his legs are spread wide. This is an unconscious way of showing off his pelvis. Think back to the days before humans wore clothes. This would let you see exactly what he’s got, and allow you easy access to it!

Many of these indicators seem like they’re taken straight from the caveman days. This is because all sorts of evolutionary traits from that period are still visible in our behavior. (They’re there in the way YOU act, as well.) Most male sexual body language revolves around the penis and the pelvic area. Some of these symbols can be a little cryptic, but look for them in groups. If you notice repeated gestures that indicate he’s interested, then you should make sure your body language is returning the sentiment!

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get a guy to commit

How to Get A Guy To Commit

“Is your boyfriend dragging his feet? Are you looking for more out of the relationship? Do you want a ring? A house? Children? Those three words? How do you get a guy to commit without him running away? Coco Swan has compiled a simple check list to help you get the ring.”

commitFirstly you have to figure out what kind of guy your boyfriend is. Why is he not committing? There can be a few reasons for this:


This guy is perfectly happy where he is. He has no inclination or motivation to say, do, or spend anything. He would be happy to stay as you are for ever. This guy will not move his butt off the couch (literally), until motivated to do so. The thought of losing you may, or may not, do it for him.


Much as the guy above, this guy is happy with how things are now. It has not occurred to him that you want more. He considers the fact that he is still there as a statement on its own. This guy is more of the understated type. He doesn’t need the big wedding and expensive ring to show the world how much he is committed to you.

This guy will probably make a statement or commitment if he felt it would make you happy or if the need arose. For example, he may be the type of guy who would only really think about a bigger commitment if children were being discussed.

This guy may well make more of a commitment if you explain to him how unhappy you are with the status quo. He is probably keen for you to be happy and assumes that you are.


This guy is frightened of taking the next step. Maybe he is hopeless making big decisions. Maybe he has had a relationship turn really nasty in the past. Perhaps he is still recovering from a painful divorce.

This guy needs time to realize that you are not planning on hurting him. He may need lots of time or a little time. This guy may well turn and run if you present him with an ultimatum.

This situation really depends on how long you are prepared to wait.

Focused on something else

Sorry to tell you this, but you are not this guy’s number one priority. He has other things in his life more important then you and this relationship. He may well be focusing on his career, making his first million, or extra education. He ain’t planning on marrying you any time soon. How long do you have?

Still working on his career

This guy has a life plan for his career all thought out. Until he gets to where he wants to go, he will not be marrying you or anyone else. Many career guys go through a stage where their careers are everything until they become established, or are high enough up the corporate ladder. In the meantime you are his support system and diversion.

He will not contemplate marriage to you until he feels that he is firmly established and ready to settle down. If you hang in there, he may well reward your patience with a big rock.

It is best in this situation to listen to his goals so you have some idea how many more years he has to put in to reach his goal. It may not be as many as you think, or it could be more. You will be able to figure out from this conversation what his long term plans are for you. He may well assume that you realize that the bells will be ringing when he gets to where he is going.

Using you

This guy has no intention of committing to you. He is there until he finds someone better. He is using you for sex, meals, entertainment, company whatever. This guy may well protest that he is waiting for the right time, but it never will be. Give this guy an ultimatum and he will only stick around as long as it suits him.


commitSome guys need more time, some more courage. Some guys need a little encouragement, and some a little hint. Some need a prod, and others a shove. Some guys will happily commit when they see how happy it would make you. Some guys will commit reluctantly, and some guys will leave.

Explain how you feel, or alternatively, ask him about his plans for his future. If he doesn’t mention you, call him on it.

Is he worth waiting for? How long have you been waiting already? How much more time do you have?
Important Note: I hope you’ve enjoyed and picked up at least a few things from all this information we’ve been handing out. Make sure you take action.

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…to have fun with this you need to get started,

Billy Baker

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get a guy to ask you out

How to Get A Guy To Ask You Out

“How do you get a guy to ask you out? The thing to remember here is that guys like to think that they are in control. How do you make it seem like his idea? Hmmm…… Well, Coco has thought up a few strategies to deploy to leave him thinking that he is running the show!”

ask you outGuys love the thrill of the chase. Many guys become less interested when they are being pursued as it is no longer a challenge. Thankfully, us gals are much smarter operators than the fellas. Try some of these tricks:

Let him know that you are available

Some guys are clueless. He may not realize that you are single. Mention within his hearing, if possible, that you are single. If he knows you, he may well think that you are still with your ex. If he doesn’t know you well, he may just assume that you have a boyfriend. A lot of guys assume that all hot babes are taken. Guys who have been single for a while tend to throw in the towel and start thinking there is no girl out there for him.

Get his attention

This is a pretty simple strategy but it is one that many girls overlook. He will never ask you out if he hasn’t noticed you. Sadly, for whatever reason, you may have fallen under his radar. How do you get his attention? Well, guys look first, and ask questions later. So you have to make sure that you are always looking your finest around him. Play up your best features.

If he is someone you know reasonably well or possibly work with, ensure that you start to fall within his vision. Start casually appearing when he is around for coffees, lunches, or drinks.

If the guy is a virtual stranger, for example from the gym, start going to the gym at the same time as him. Always smile and start off with a simple “Hi”. He will soon start to notice you if you are making yourself pleasant and friendly. Don’t be overly familiar or you may creep him out.


Once you start moving into his periphery the next thing to do is to start flirting. Some guys pick up on the flirting thing faster than others. The self confident guy will pick up on it in a flash. The guy who lacks in self esteem or has been single for a while may take longer to pick up on the signals. He may well assume that you are actually flirting with someone else, or assume that he is misreading you. In this case, just keep persevering, sooner or later he will realize that you are flirting with him.

The best flirting gestures are smiling, and playing with your hair, neck and throat. Subconsciously he will pick up on your signals and often before he realizes it he will be flirting right back at you. Signals for reciprocated flirting include the guy who starts to run his fingers through his hair, or rubs his nose, or plays with his tie. Putting his hands in his pockets with his fingers pointing to his groin is the strongest signal of them all. Let nature takes its course. He is now interested on some level and will start to pursue you.

Make subtle suggestions

If you know the guy perhaps you can start making vague suggestions about getting together in a group. If you have mutual acquaintances, perhaps you can all be included in a relatively innocent activity together. Other subtle suggestions about maybe getting together sometime for a coffee can be perceived as relatively non aggressive.

Take advantage of opportunities

Is he drinking a coffee on his own? Why not take the plunge and ask if you can sit with him while you drink yours? You never know, he may have engineered sitting by himself as a silent invite for you to join him.

If an opportunity presents itself, take it. You don’t know how long it will be before the next one comes up.

If you are out with your friends and you see him somewhere, give him a little wave and a smile. He may well come over, invite him to join you for a drink. Take the long way back from the ladies (when you have checked that your lipstick isn’t smeared and your mascara hasn’t run) and make sure you walk right past him and his group. He may well call you over to chat. If he is all over a girl, keep walking.

Recruit your friends

ask you out 2What are friends for? No, I’m not talking about playground tactics of “Did you know that she likes you?”. Use a bit of discretion. Get them to start playing detective to make sure he really is single and not some creepy sociopath. Encourage your friends to arrange a party or get together where he can somehow be invited as well.

You can get a guy to ask you out. Just remember, most guys like to think they are in control. Guys love the thrill of the chase. Don’t appear desperate and dateless. Guys love a bit of a challenge. Let him know that you are available and friendly. Don’t forget, that with guys, appearances count for a lot to start with. Get in his line of vision when you are looking your absolute best.

Go for it. He will ask you out!

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Body Language and the First Date: Letting Them Know You’re Interested

The eyes are important windows into our thoughts

body languageOne of the very first ways babies learn about the world is to stare at things they are interested in. Well, we’re all grown up now but we haven’t lost this habit. Intense staring at a person or object is a way of saying “I want it!”

This can be a powerful tool in communicating with your date. When one of you stops speaking, instead of looking away, keep that gaze there just a little longer. I know you want to drop the stare, but don’t! She or he will know exactly what you mean, and will keep the eye contact if her/his thoughts are along the same lines.

Next in line are the hands

These can serve as tools of communication as well as contact. If a person’s hands are knotted in fists or clutching tightly at something, then they are nervous. Using the hands as a prop for the head shows boredom or tiredness (or drunkenness). Many people are fidgeters, playing with objects or their clothing. If you want to project a calm exterior, keep your nervous hands out of sight. Or keep your hands confined to your body; the constant playing with clothes or hair will attract and arouse their attention.

You probably didn’t think of speech as body language, but much can be conveyed in the manner of speaking along with the words. Match their volume of voice; this shows you think of the two of you as equals. Note how they are speaking. Does their voice make them appear dominant or timid?

Erotic thoughts can often be seen in the way we touch our bodies. We do this when we’re getting excited for a few reasons: First, we become more aware of our bodies when there is a sexual stimulant nearby. All of a sudden, our arms, waist, legs, feel more conspicuous and more real. (This is helped by the amount of blood that is suddenly rushing through the body.) Second, this draws the attention of the other person to our bodies. Note the way your date touches him or herself, and where.

It’s obvious that the mouth is a very erotic part of the body

This is the main point of communication, but also one of sensuality and pleasure. The amount of nerves in the brain devoted to lip senses is large, similar to the resources devoted to sexual organs. Touching your lips with your hands, food, drinks, or other objects will let your date know what’s on your mind.

Next, pay attention to the hair. Women especially tend to fiddle with their hair when there is something exciting them. Pay attention to her motions. Does she hide her hair from you, or does she preen it? This can be an indication from guys as well, who preen themselves just as much as women do!

Speaking of preening, note the way your date smooths his or her clothing, plays with the hair, or rubs the face. This is happening because of the increased sexual excitement, and because they want to look good for you.

A not so subtle way to convey sexual interest is to check out your date’s body. Guys, this does not mean to stare at her tits instead of her face when she is talking! But the occasional glance downward, with a smile, will let her know you notice and like what you see. Girls, guys are just as sensitive to attention to their bodies! Don’t hesitate to check out that butt when he gets up or sits down, and let him know it!

If your date starts distractedly undoing buttons or taking off outer layers of clothing, then you know where this evening is headed. Whether they realize it or not, they are starting to strip for you, albeit in small ways. This is a good point to let them know that you are checking them out and like what you see.

Pay attention to how they treat objects on the table, like the wineglass or straw. Repeatedly touching these objects with fingers, lips, or tongue is a greatly suggestive sign. Women especially use objects like glasses as sexual symbols, wrapping their hands around it or stroking it suggestively.

A good test to see if they are getting as excited as you is to try a little touching

little touchingMake it casual; put a hand on their arm when they say something particularly funny, brush their hand when you reach over the table, or, if you’re really sure of yourself, briefly rest your hand on their leg. Their reaction will let you know if you’re headed in the right direction. If they like the contact, they’ll smile and return the touch soon. If they don’t like the contact, they will withdraw from you a little.

Always keep a lookout for indications that they are ready for a kiss. This includes a lot of mouth touching as discussed earlier and putting their face within easy reach of yours. Start this gently, with a delicate or light brush. They’ll let you know whether this is desired or not. If they withdraw, then do the same and save further kissing for later. Don’t act uncomfortable; it may be they just weren’t ready yet. If you meet little resistance in your kiss, then you know you’re in!

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Are you marriage material?


ebook-mediumWhy do men propose? Is it because they are dating super models? Do they prefer house wives? The fact is that men are much more intelligent and complex than this. Their motives when looking for a mate are very developed and practical. Let’s take a look at the top qualities men look for in potential wives.

First off, let’s look at qualities to avoid. At all costs, avoid playing the diva. While men may be briefly fascinated by the high maintenance, princess types, they tire of them quickly and would never think of sticking around for the long run. Don’t rely on temper tantrums to get your way. To butcher a metaphor, don’t be like the “princess” crying wolf; if you lose your temper too often, your tantrums will stop having the desired effect. Then you won’t be able to use this precious resource when you really need it, like when he really isn’t treating you with respect.

Along those same lines, avoid being selfish. Don’t be self-absorbed. Be kind to him and to strangers. Guys might like self-absorbed women for a couple dates, but if you want to elevate yourself to potential marriage material, let him see your kindness towards him and others.

Among the personality characteristics you should cultivate is that of leadership. Men want women they can respect and trust to join them in marriage. Many men actually want you to take charge, but it must be done in a respectful manner. Don’t treat him like a child. Be just, kind, and compassionate in your leadership. This makes you look like a potential wife who can respectably manage a family.

Be supportive of his career

Many men identify themselves by what they do for a living, and how hard they work at it. Ambition and career are important to men, and career advancement takes up a lot of his thought. You may occasionally feel resentful of the fact that his career is occupying his time and energy that could be spent on YOU instead. But putting your interests at odds with his career interests will only hurt you.

He needs to see you as a loving support of his goals, not as a hindrance. If this is a hard pill for you to swallow, then take a look at the careers of the guyss you date; try to find a man who has already achieved some stability in his career. (But don’t fool yourself – most likely he will be spending a lot of mental energy on keeping this comfortable position secure.)

Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous

Guys like certain amount of regularity in their work and homes, but nothing impresses them like someone who can shake things up a bit without threatening that security. Don’t spend every evening cooking; join him and his friends for a night out. That way he’ll be less likely to want to go drinking with the guys and leave you at home. Don’t say no to a sudden weekend getaway or especially a spur-of-the-moment afternoon tryst.

Show him compassion and acceptance

More likely, you know much more about your man than anybody else does, including his own mother. You know this because you listen when he talks and because your female memory is deep with the knowledge of his past and present friends, fears, and joys. Use this information to comfort and soothe him when he is upset, not as a weapon against him when you are fighting. Don’t choose an argument as the time to bring up that thing he did back in college. If he sees that you use these pieces of information against him, he will be less likely to confide in you at all.

Accentuate your sexuality

Don’t worry; it is not necessary to be a supermodel or a contortionist to keep him happy in this aspect. Your guy wants a woman who enjoys having sex with him, someone with whom he feels comfortable. Make sure you don’t let your sex life slip into monotony or abstinence; you want to give him no reason to look elsewhere to fulfill his sexual desires.

Be comfortable with his family and friends

Seeing you fit in with his crowd will impress him and make him feel at ease. This does NOT mean you have to act the exact way everyone he knows does. In fact, it will impress him if you stand out a bit among all the other people he knows. So feel free to express your opinions and personality when among his people, but keep it respectful. What he wants from you is acceptance of his family and close friends. You don’t have to blend in, but make sure you don’t stir up trouble.

Don’t make him spend all his money on you

More likely than not, you’ve got your own money, and quite possibly you make more than him. Show him that you are adept at dealing with finances. He might think twice about proposing to a woman who would be likely to lead him into financial ruin.

Show that you can be a mother

This is crucial, whether he says he wants children or not. The truth may be that he doesn’t want children now, but knows he may change his mind as he gets older. Showing a dislike of children or mothering will definitely be a turnoff for him. At the same time, don’t push children on him. Just show that you are open to the idea and will make a good mother when the time comes.

Displaying these qualities will put you in a good position

marriage materialNot only will your man view you as a good possibility for a lifemate, but you will be a capable, compassionate mate with whom he equally shares in power, love, and responsibility. Not only are you more likely to get the wedding ring, but your marriage will be off to a good start when it happens. But don’t forget the other edge to the question of marriage material: do you think HE will make a good husband? Stay tuned for more on this issue…

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3 ways to leave your lover

3 Ways to Leave Your Lover

3 ways leave your loverDo a quick internet search and you will probably find thousands of articles on how to attract a boyfriend. But what happens when all of that has worked, and now you find yourself with someone you’re not sure you want to be with? Instead of dropping him like a hot potato, or letting it drag on and on because you don’t know how to handle it, listen to a few quick tips on how to end it without too much pain on either side.

That being said, this isn’t going to be easy, and you can’t pretend it will be. Men have pride, and your boyfriend isn’t going to want to hear this news. What’s more, the feeling is always worse for the one getting the boot than for the one giving it.

The first thing to keep in mind is, what is your boyfriend’s personality like? This will help you decide which tactic to take in the breakup to cause the least amount of drama possible.

Is your boyfriend extremely prideful and full of ego?

This type knows he’s hot, and uses it. He’s used to having all eyes on him and can attract the interest of most women. Quite often, this trait is paired with charm, creating a powerful combination that can be tough to leave. But in some cases this proud guy can get way too caught up in himself and turn into a princess type instead of a prince charming. His image, his looks, and his hair are all he cares about. He takes a lot of maintenance, both from you and from his stylist. He can’t pass by a store window without checking himself out.

So how to deal with Prince Way-Too-Charming?

The best way to dump him is plainly, quickly, and with no frills. Tell him the truth: you don’t have much in common, you’re sick of having to take care of him all the time, and YOU would prefer to be the princess in the relationship. This will do both of you quite a bit of good. Not only will you be getting rid of some frustration that has probably been building up for some time, but he will get his pride taken down a notch or two!

That example might have been too easy, because nobody’s going to feel too bad about dumping Mr. Superficiality. But what if your boyfriend is a really nice guy, who cares about you and goes to great pains to make sure you know it? He takes good care of you, wants to spend all his time with you, and is willing to do anything you want. It’s easy to see why this might get old. You want a boyfriend, not a housepet. You want to be with somebody who is independent, speaks his mind, and more importantly, has a mind of his own!

But getting out of this one is tough; this guy has been so nice to you that you don’t really want to hurt his feelings. You feel like this will really be cashing in some karma, and will feel like dirt afterwards. You’ve tried to break up with him three times before, but could never bring yourself to do it!

So when you go through with it, do it gently

Let him come out of it with some pride. Quote lack of chemistry, or find some quality of your life and situation that just won’t let you be with someone (especially him) right now. But make it believable, or he won’t go for it. Give him something he can hold onto, and he just might stick around as a great old pal.

The third type you might be dealing with is the insecure type

This guy has two faces. At first, he was really romantic and you seemed to share everything in common. You two spent so much time staring into each other’s eyes that you forgot about the world around you. Then one day you woke up and noticed that everything around you was gone. You didn’t seem to have any other friends and  ALL  your time was spent with him. This unsettling realization may have been paired with the knowledge that he wasn’t treating you as nicely as he used to. Maybe he makes disparaging comments about you, acts coldly, or just seems all-around jealous when you talk about anything that doesn’t involve him.

What to do now?

arguingYou’ve gotten so dependent on each other that extricating yourself from the situation will be tricky. He talks a good talk, and you two have gotten so close that you’ll believe a lot of what he says. So go into this one with your guard up. Pay no attention whatsoever to his claims that you two are soulmates, and that you’ll never find someone else who treats you as well as he does. Be prepared for some major antics. There could be tears, tantrums, or threats. Treat him with some care, and don’t be belligerent. Instead, be calm, focused, and confident in what you are doing. Let him throw a fit, but let the bullets bounce right off. If he sees his ammunition is going up against a stone wall, he’ll know it’s no use and will back off. But if he senses uncertainty, he’ll only redouble his efforts.

If none of these tactics work, you could always use something more drastic, like telling your guy that you’ve found something else. This makes it final, but it’s sure to inspire resentment. If you want to preserve some sort of friendship between you two, then stick with something more sure and subtle.


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