How to Get A Guy to Notice You

“So, you have found the guy of your dreams. One small problem, (no, he’s not married), he just doesn’t seem to know you exist. How frustrating! There are so few single guys out there anyway. How do you get Mr Right to notice you? Coco Swan has compiled this article to help you single gals out here who are facing this dilemma. Read on for some helpful strategies.”

Make Sure He Really is Available
noticeThis may sound silly, but are you sure he is not in a relationship? Perhaps he is still recovering from a break up and is not available emotionally. When he feels ready you will be able to tell. Don’t force his hand in this instance. You don’t want to be the rebound shag. (Do you?) Are you sure of his sexual preferences? Perhaps he is a little ambivalent. If this is the case, move on. You don’t need the confusion.

Once you have finished your detective work and he is really available physically and emotionally move on to phase 2.

The Subtle Approach

This is a great way to start your campaign if you are a little nervous, shy or you don’t really want to embarrass yourself with a blatant knock back. This can be a particularly useful strategy if you are going after a work colleague or someone you see on a regular basis. The subtle approach involves always being around, hanging out in the same group, and displaying yourself in a good light.

Allow him to get to know you better. Make sure you smile a lot. Be a positive person around him and make it clear that you are single and available. Guys sometimes get mixed signals and he may think you fancy someone else you both know.

The subtle approach can also involve turning up at places where you know he will be. Where does he drink or play? Be careful that you are not perceived as a serial stalker though.The subtle approach should only be used for a short time. If after a few weeks to a month this doesn’t seem to have worked, you will need to change your strategy. Keep on reading.


Another subtle approach for getting a guy to notice you is to wear pheromones. These are readily available. You mix them with your regular scent, apply to various parts of your body, and watch out. Research has shown that pheromones do really work for women. Studies have consistently shown that single women who wear pheromones get asked on more dates and have more sex than the single woman who doesn’t.

The Direct Approach

The direct approach is just that. Do you work with this guy? Know him from the gym? Whatever. The direct approach involves casually mentioning that maybe you could catch up for a coffee or drink. Possibly you can stage an event and make sure he is included. Ideas include having a group go to a concert, party, movie, club, or whatever. Invite him along.

An even more direct approach is to ask him out yourself. Do you have a function coming up that you need a partner for? That is a great excuse to dress up and let him see you in another light.

Most guys should get the hint when you mention the word drink.

Use Body Language
noticeUsing your body language is a great way to capture a guy’s interest on a subconscious level. Body language signals date back to caveman times. Manipulating the body language signals that you are sending a guy can be a great way to let him know that you are sexually interested. Playing with your hair, your necklace, collar and throat are all body language signals that you are flirting. Standing up straight with your chest nicely on display is good too. (I am not suggesting a see through shirt and lacy bra for the office!)

If you try all of the above tactics and none of them have worked, then it may well be a case of him not fancying you. Get mutual friends to do some detective work for you. Most guys just need a little encouragement or a hint that you are interested.

You never know, wearing the pheromones, you could have every single guy in your office or wherever you work chasing after you! Happy hunting. Coco.

Be sure to always display yourself in a flattering way physically when around Mr Right. Sadly, men do look first. So you do need to get his attention.
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Billy Baker
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