interpreting body language

Reading the Signs: Interpreting Guys’ Body Language

Most of the time, it is not difficult to figure out if a guy’s got sex on his mind

guy's body languageBut sometimes the situation is more subtle; is he flirting or just being friendly? Paying attention to his body language will help you figure it out. So watch and notice, but on no account point out his moves to him. That will only serve to make him nervous and self-conscious of his motions.

A lot of people tremble when they’re interested in someone. But this might be seen in smaller ways than plain, outward shaking. Does he constantly shift his weight, moving back and forth? This can be an indication of nervousness or tension.

How does he stand? Does he rest his hands near his pelvis, or pointing to it? This can mean he is aware of that part of his body, or wants you to be aware of it.

When an attractive woman is around, many men start to “preen” themselves. Think of this the way a bird does it; they start to arrange and clean their feathers, right? Well, men do the same thing! You can see this if he often gently rubs his nose, adjusts clothing, and touches his hair and face. While preening himself, these gestures also serve to momentarily hide his face from you, an indication of his self-consciousness.

Have you ever wondered how ties became a fashion statement? Well, think of them as giant phallic symbols, or as roadmaps…they point the way directly to his penis! Noticing how he acts with his tie can give you an idea of what is on his mind. Stroking his tie means he is getting interested. Try playing with his tie yourself and notice how he responds!

Take notice of how he sits; much can be gleaned from this stature. One sure sign of sexual interest is sitting with his legs wide open, whether it be on a barstool or on a chair or couch. This means he is giving you a clear view and direct access to his crotch!

How he stands is also important

guy's body languageThere are several ways a man can stand that will make him look large and dominant: hands on his hips, straight posture, shoulders wide. Why does he do this? All sorts of evolutionary and social cues make him feel like this will attract you. (And it often works!) If he is more slumped or withdrawn, it shows that there is a lack of interest.

Regardless of whether he is standing or sitting, notice if his legs are spread wide. This is an unconscious way of showing off his pelvis. Think back to the days before humans wore clothes. This would let you see exactly what he’s got, and allow you easy access to it!

Many of these indicators seem like they’re taken straight from the caveman days. This is because all sorts of evolutionary traits from that period are still visible in our behavior. (They’re there in the way YOU act, as well.) Most male sexual body language revolves around the penis and the pelvic area. Some of these symbols can be a little cryptic, but look for them in groups. If you notice repeated gestures that indicate he’s interested, then you should make sure your body language is returning the sentiment!

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